The wedding of Chris to Emma

Chris and Emma invited me to their venue months ago for their engagement shoot. It was a miserable day and it really didn’t show off what a stunning place they had picked. Thank goodness the sun was shining on their special day!
Below are the highlights from their special day – look at that cake!!

chris-and-emma-10 chris-and-emma-18 chris-and-emma-21 chris-and-emma-22 chris-and-emma-24 chris-and-emma-39 chris-and-emma-45 chris-and-emma-46 chris-and-emma-73 chris-and-emma-74 chris-and-emma-154 chris-and-emma-157 chris-and-emma-161 chris-and-emma-169 chris-and-emma-202 chris-and-emma-226 chris-and-emma-283 chris-and-emma-374 chris-and-emma-406 chris-and-emma-417chris-and-emma-431
chris-and-emma-456 chris-and-emma-462 chris-and-emma-478 chris-and-emma-508 chris-and-emma-509 chris-and-emma-566 chris-and-emma-723Emily Munday Photography